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With the introduction of new technology, the Timing industry is changing. The once dominant PC-based software is now competing against cloud-based software with innovative features and enhanced timing capabilities. One market dramatically changed by this technology is South African sports timing.


It all started in 2013 when we were busy organizing a mountain bike event and needed a company to do the race timing for us, we could only get hold of one company and they only replied to our email requesting a quote, two months after the event. We then decided to buy our own electronic timing equipment and start a timing company on a small scale. This small company has grown faster than we anticipated and we now have numerous events lined up. TimeMe is a young energetic sports timing company in South Africa that is putting its stamp on the local timing industry. Critics silenced, race organizers smiling and correct times given to such an extent that we managed to break 99% accuracy at all the events we timed.


Endurance racing is certainly not new to South Africa, but the market only exploded a short while ago. Individuals all over South Africa are claiming top spots in International events. The fastest growing and still the most popular by a great margin is timing for mountain biking events and especially mountain bike stage races like the ABSA Cape Epic, Joburg2C and Sani2C only to name a few. Ultra marathon trail running and trail running stage races is also becoming increasingly popular in South Africa. People are even referring to Mountain biking as the new golf of South Africa.


LIVE timing results is the biggest issue in South Africa, there is a lot of different timing companies claiming that they can deliver real time results, but they unfortunately still have major hiccups. The most common way is to export all your results into MsExcel and then it has to be populated and sorted, to make sense, before it can be loaded onto your website or the race organiser’s website, this is very time consuming and can sometimes take days if you don’t have all the athletes details – all this while athletes are eager to receive their results. We have overcome this obstacle and can say with confidence that we can give real time LIVE results on request.


In short TimeMe is a dynamic Sports Timing Company in South Africa providing a world class service for any chip appropriate sport event whether it is a short or long distance race or a lap/ circuit race set up. Our timing system confirms to strict international standards and is a world leader in its class of RFID Chip Timing for sports events.


Our advanced system provides:

• Superior Read Rates

• System Reliability

• Accurate Real-Time Results

• Sufficient Timing for a vast number of athletes and sports events

We specialize in the following:

• Timing for Running Events

• Timing for Cycling Events

• Timing for Swimming Events

• Timing for Triathlon Events

• Race Timing for Various other Events




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